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  • Urban Round - Corten Planter
  • Corten planter
  • Urban Round - Corten Planter
  • Urban Round - Corten Planter
  •      Corten planter    
  •      Urban Round - Corten Planter    
  •      Urban Round - Corten Planter    

Birdies Garden Products New Zealand

Urban Round - Corten Planter

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Birdies are the original metal raised garden bed and are the #1 best-selling bed in Australia, now available here in New Zealand. 

The Urban Round Kit Includes:

  • 5 curved panels
  • Pack of nuts & bolts
  • Vinyl safety edging
  • Instruction leaflet

Beds in the Birdies Urban Range are made from Corten steel (also known as Redcor). Corten steel will naturally rust over a 6-week period, providing a beautiful, unique patina and long-term protection for your raised bed.

When you receive your Birdies Urban raised bed, the panels will have a non-hazardous mineral oil coating applied to prevent premature rusting.

      Benefits of a Birdies Raised Garden

      • Extended season (soil warms quicker).
      • Easier to protect from pests (acts as a barrier and is easy to net).
      • Lightweight, yet strong.
      • Allows for deeper and higher quality soil.
      • Superior drainage
      • Australian made.
      • Birdies Raised garden beds look great!

        The Birdies Difference

        Easy to Assemble: Put your bed together with nuts, bolts, and washers, no power tools required.

        Lightweight and Strong: Redcor (corten) steel is lightweight and strong, lasting 4-7x longer than standard wooden beds.

        Rust and Corrosion Resistant: Over time Redcor steel develops a stable oxide layer on its surface known as ‘patina’. When exposed to alternating wet and dry conditions the color of the patina changes organically over time giving it a striking appearance. These will outlast even the highest-quality wooden raised beds.

        No Contamination: Unlike low-grade plastic, chemically treated wood, or poorly manufactured copycats, Birdies Aluzinc steel does not leach or break down over time in any significant way, meaning these beds are completely safe to grow food in.

        Due to the manufacturing process bed sizing may vary +/-50MM


        Diameter (m) Short (m) (m)
        1.0 0.3

        Additional Info

        Weight: 13 kg

        Dimensions: 62.5 × 19 × 64.5 cm

        Colour: Merino, Mist Green, Monolith