3 Creative Planter Ideas

3 Creative Planter Ideas

 If you love gardening, there are many practical reasons for you to use planters. These containers can help you to preserve just the right soil and growing conditions for your plants even if you fancy shifting where they sit in your outdoor space. 

Planters can also assist you in draining soil as well as protecting the plants from kids and animals. We are accustomed to selling various plant containers — such as tall planters, vegetable pods and garden pods — to NZ customers, who could benefit from considering the following planter ideas. 

Wooden Planters 

These are made of a traditional, eco-friendly material that can look just right amidst a garden’s organic scenery. If you are concerned about whether a wooden planter will hold up sufficiently well to the elements, keep in mind that it is possible to get hold of a planter comprising pressure-treated timber. 

Still, even wooden raised beds of the best quality aren’t able to last as long as planters instead fashioned from Aluzinc. This flat carbon steel is coated with both aluminium and zinc — and features in a wide range of planters available to purchase from Birdies Garden Products. 

Large But Lightweight Planters 

If you are keen on growing vegetables, a large planter box would be an ideal choice of container for you to grow them in. It would, after all, provide you with enough space to grow many different veggies simultaneously. However, couldn’t that planter turn out to be pretty heavy to lug around? 

Fortunately, we at Birdies Garden Products offer large planter boxes that, though each measuring a metre long and almost half a metre wide and high, are also light enough to easily transport as necessary. 

Corten Steel Planters 

Corten steel is a material used for various planters we sell — but what actually is it? Unsurprisingly, it’s a type of steel — but, perhaps more surprisingly, will develop an attractive, unique patina over a period of several weeks when left out in the open air. 

Rest assured that Corten steel planters provided by the Birdies Garden Products team will remain physically resilient in an outdoor setting over the long term. For example, these containers will not leach or break down, and so will remain havens for food you grow in them.

If you are unsure what containers to buy for plants, you might want to initially opt for relatively modest options like garden pods our NZ-based company would be happy to deliver to your Kiwi address. We encourage you to use our website to place an order for high-quality planters from our product range.