Here are some answers to some really common questions we receive about our products, if you can't find the answer here - get in touch! 

Can you help me plan my garden, and tell me how many garden beds I will need?

If you are after advice on garden layout, how many beds you might need for your space or colour advice we are happy to help, and it's best to email Scott for that specific information via scott@birdiesgardenproducts.co.nz - and he will get back to you as soon as he can, please provide as many measurements and as much information as possible. 

How much is shipping? 

Shipping is free on all products, except the Tall 8-in-1 garden beds which only has free shipping to your local Mainfreight depot - if you would like it sent direct to your address, let us know and we will give you a quote for this. This difference is because of the size and weight of the boxes. 

How big are the boxes that each garden bed comes in?

The box sizes for each product are on each page, including length, width and weight so you'll know if they will fit in your hatchback if you're collecting them from the depot!

How many garden beds come in each box?

Each box contains one kitset garden bed that you can choose to build from the sizes available.

What does 6-in-1 and 8-in-1 mean?

Our Garden Beds are modular, or kitset and they are able to be built in a range of sizes according to your space, and requirements.

The Original 6-in-1 Garden Beds are all 400mm high, but you can choose from 6 configurations in the one box to build your garden bed to. Each box contains enough side panels and corner panels to build one garden bed. 

The Original 8-in-1 Garden Beds are all 400mm high, but you can choose from 8 configurations in the one box to build your garden bed to. Each box contains enough side panels and corner panels to build one garden bed.

The Tall 6-in-1 Garden Beds are all 740mm high, but you can choose from 6 configurations in the one box, just like with the Original option. The Tall 8-in-1 Garden Beds are all 740mm high, and again, you've got 8 size options to choose from when you're putting the bed together. 

Original (400mm high) and Tall (740mm) Round Garden Beds come in one size, and are not modular. Each box comes with five curved panels that connect together to make a round garden bed. 

All of our product pages on our website contain a table that shows you what sizes you can build the garden beds to. 

Birdies Garden Product NZ's planter boxes come in two sizes and are not modular, nor configurable. They come with a base and they are perfect for courtyards, patios and decks.

What colours do they come in?

We have three great colours for our Birdies Raised Garden Beds, and they are:

Monolith: a dark, slate grey colour which is very popular!

Mist Green: a lovely light green that looks great in a range of garden spaces or near houses and buildings, blending well into the environment

Merino: a cream, and another popular option for creating an aesthetically pleasing look in the garden

What are Birdies Garden Products NZ's beds made from?

Birdies Garden Beds are designed and made in Australia, where they have been since 2007. They are made from high quality, 24 gauge cold-rolled steel with an Aluzinc coating where they are designed for the conditions.

Compared to wooden garden beds, you can expect many, many years of service from your Birdies Raised Garden beds - check out the video from Self Sufficient Me for evidence of this. 

Keeping your soil free-draining and within a 6-7 pH range, your Birdies garden beds will give you many years of successful planting. 

Material breakdown, for those that like that sort of information:

Steel: Aluzinc steel, used in Australia for many decades for things such as rainwater collection tanks, gutters, and spouting. 

Galvanisation: 55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silica mix.

Powder coating: Non-toxic, food-safe paint which has been tested in accordance with AZ/NZ4020. Categorised as non-hazardous according to the SDS. 

How long will they last?

Because they don't rust, corrode, or break down in any way your Birdies Garden Bed will last years - beds that were built in 2007 are still in use in Aussie gardens!

Where can I see the garden beds?

We have a retailer in Rolleston, Intelligro, if you are in the area that you can pop in and visit to see the garden beds 'in real life'! And we are working on getting our products into more stores across Aotearoa. 

We mainly sell online and encourage you to get in touch if you've got any further questions, we aim to be really responsive and love chatting to our customers. 

Are Birdies Garden Products beds safe to grow in?

Free from any material or paint that will leach anything harmful into your soil, Birdies Garden Beds are totally safe to grow your food in. 

Do you sell covers for the garden beds?

As our beds are modular and able to be built in a range of sizes, we do not sell covers for the garden beds as there are any number of sizes that garden beds could be configured to. 

Don't they get hot?

The garden beds are made from a material that reflects the heat, rather than attracting it - and they've are made and used in Australia where it gets very, very hot. 

Compared to your standard wooden, concrete or plastic garden beds, Birdies Garden Beds outperform them all in maintaining a consistent, cool temperature for your seedlings, and plants. 

Do they come with a base?

Our garden beds are designed to connect with earth, and be placed on the soil directly - allowing for greater soil health, and longer soil life. 

The planter boxes come with a base and can be used indoors, on patios and decks safely without staining clothes or surroundings. 

How much soil do they take to fill?

Check out our product information - we are working on adding this information to the pages so that you'll know how much soil, compost, or potting mix to use. 

In the meantime, look up Hugelkultur online for some information on how to fill your garden bed using organic materials. Using fresh chicken manure is not advised due to the damage it can cause to the garden bed materials. 

Can I put my garden bed on my deck, or patio?

The garden beds are designed for use in the garden, but if you did want to use them on a surface such as concrete, wood, or paving you would need to use a bed liner or geotextile fabric first. 

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we ship only to New Zealand urban and rural postal addresses (no PO Boxes) - check out Epic Gardening if you are in the US or the UK and Birdies Garden Beds in Australia. 

Can I buy a panel or two on their own?

Our products come out of Australia in boxes, as part of modular, kitset garden beds containing corner pieces, side panels and nuts and bolts and we are unable to supply individual parts.