Terms of Service

Terms of Service

All Birdies Garden Products NZ come with a standard 12 month product warranty on all parts, excluding rust on zinc nuts that come standard with the garden beds. 

There is an option to upgrade to a stainless steel nut, please get in touch with Scott if you would like to add this to your order instead. 

Birdies Garden Products NZ are not responsible for any part of the growing process or the loss of any crop, plant, growing medium or any other associated material grown in the Birdies Garden beds, or planter boxes. We cannot guarantee success of your crops due to a range of variables including weather, climate, growing medium, pests and any other contributing factors. 

Our garden beds are easy to put together, and safe to assemble - but even so, Birdies advises you to be careful, we do not accept liability for any injury caused when putting the beds together or transporting them to their final location. 

Terms of 12 Month Warranty 

  • All Birdies Garden Products NZ garden beds, products, and planter boxes must be assembled according to the directions provided
  • Appropriate filling materials must be used - such as potting mix, compost, or a Hugelkultur method
  • All products must be used as intended - for the growth of vegetables, fruit trees or bushes, as tree surrounds or as specified on the product box
  • The warranty covers the product - it does not cover product damage caused by improper building, installation, maintenance and/or the use of incorrect filling materials that could damage the garden bed or planter box
  • The warranty will be void if changes are made to the product, including painting or coating the garden bed or planter box
  • Use of the garden bed or planter box outside insruction or specification will void the warranty 

To make a claim on your product warranty 

Any issues with the product's quality or construction that become apparent during the 12 months of the warranty period will require a claim to be made so that Birdies Garden Products NZ is made aware and can seek to remedy the issue.

Customers will need to provide evidence of the issue to make a warranty claim, including providing:

  • Three photos of the problem you are describing from a clear angle. Please ensure photos are not blurry, and that there are no obstructions within the photo.
  • Information on where the garden bed has been positioned
  • Information on what the garden bed has been filled with 

All warranty claims need to be made via email, instead of phoning so that we can ascertain the issue, and provide a replacement product if the claim is accepted. 


Before a claim can be accepted, a customer must provide all information as noted above. 

If accepted, Birdies Garden Products NZ will provide a replacement product but shipping costs to the customer will remain at the expense of the customer as the warranty only extends to the product itself. Promotions, sales, discounts, and free shipping offers do not extend to a warranty claim. 

Warranties are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase for this purpose. Warranties are not transferable, and are in the name of the person who ordered the item - please ensure you have access to the email address through which the order was made so that you have all the documentation required.