3 Great Alternatives to Concrete Planters for Your Garden

3 Great Alternatives to Concrete Planters for Your Garden

Lightweight concrete planters and their heavier counterparts, traditional concrete planters, are wonderful in their own way! They’re durable, customisable, visually appealing and are effective at insulating your plants’ roots from the cold. Despite their many benefits, they don’t suit every garden, and they aren’t right to house every plant.

With this in mind, we have uncovered three great alternatives to concrete planters for your garden to make the most out of your landscape. Read on for more.

Wooden Planters

Wooden planters have a rustic charm that livens up any garden! They can be made from many types of wood, like blackwood or chestnut, and therefore are versatile and able to match any landscape aesthetic in New Zealand. They have the added benefit of good drainage and insulation, just like lightweight concrete planters, for your plant roots. All you have to do is be sure to treat your wood planter so it becomes durable and rot-resistant. 

Repurposed Furniture

At Birdies Garden Products, we are great advocates for recycling and sustainability. Repurposed furniture makes for a great alternative to concrete planters with a little bit of creativity! Old wooden or metal crates, barrels, troughs and vintage furniture pieces are best to be transformed into garden planters. Why not repurpose an old bath-tub into a raised bed, or an old ladder into a vertical flower garden? The possibilities are endless.

Raised Garden Beds

If you don’t have any furniture that could house herbs or flowers, consider purchasing a new raised garden bed instead. Raised garden beds made from wood, metal or stone provide pretty and highly functional elevated planting areas with great drainage that benefits the design, organisation and wellbeing of your garden. Raised garden beds are spacious, too, which means that you can plant multiple plants at once, and watch as they thrive together!

To purchase raised garden beds, wooden planters, lightweight concrete planters, or to find out more ideas for repurposing furniture in your garden, check out the Birdies Garden Products website, today. Throughout New Zealand, we’ve long provided for every landscape’s unique requirements, and are eager to help improve your outdoor space.