5 Best Rectangular Planter Box Ideas from Industry Professionals

5 Best Rectangular Planter Box Ideas from Industry Professionals

Let’s introduce you to an iconic garden product that should surely have a place in your outdoor area: the rectangular planter box.

Not only is this planter box excellent for gardening enthusiasts who want to plant and grow fruit, vegetables or flowers right in their garden, but it also acts as a chic piece of garden decoration. If you’re looking for a rectangle planter box in NZ, Birdies Garden Products offers several options for you. 

So, how do you decorate with one? Here are 5 ideas from industry professionals:

1) Framing your property  

Rectangular planter boxes are perfect for framing your outdoor space, especially if you don’t want to invest in a fence or outdoor wall. Due to their straight and rectangular shape, they can easily be placed next to each other without gaps.  

2) Placed in corners 

To add some dimension and dynamics to your garden, you can opt for placing your rectangle planter boxes in corners as a simple yet appealing way to decorate your space. This ensures that they’re not in the way, but you still are able to see and access them. 

3) Focal point 

Alternatively, you can assign your rectangle planter box(es) as the focal point of your garden. This can also be useful for those with a horticultural interest as this makes it easier for you to tend to your growing plants if it is in the centre of your garden. When guests are over, it can also be a topic of conversation should you find yourself hanging out in your garden during barbie season. 

4) Separate areas 

Instead of framing the entirety of your garden, you can also utilise the planter boxes to separate areas of your outdoor space. For example, you can separate your seating area from your outdoor dining area if you wish - or the pool area from the BBQ area. 

5) Less is more 

Less is truly more when it comes to decorating your garden with a planter box. Simply placing one on your patio might do the trick if you’re opting for a minimalist style. 

At Birdies Garden Products, we provide a range of quality rectangle planter boxes for use in your garden. Modernise the look and feel of your outdoor space with a rectangle planter box in NZ from us. Browse our collection today.