A Guide to the Best Seasonal Vegetables for Plant Boxes

A Guide to the Best Seasonal Vegetables for Plant Boxes

Helping the environment can start with something as simple as growing your own food. In a New Zealand garden, you have the option to plant a diverse range of vegetables in a plant box. What vegetables are you thinking of growing?

Your choice will determine the best time to start planting. New Zealand has a temperate climate but also four distinct seasons, meaning that different vegetables must be planted at different times. Here is a rundown of those seasons — and examples of what you can plant in each.


The Kiwi summer starts in December, but you can finish off the last of that Christmas chocolate before planting parsnips, radishes and carrots in January or February. 

Radishes are rich in vitamin C and potassium and can go straight into a salad. And it’s no wonder that Bugs Bunny can outwit his enemies so often when carrots contain large amounts of vitamin A, which is good for the eyes.


Bugs certainly isn’t the only cartoon character with a vege-heavy diet, as Popeye would see March — the first month of autumn — as the ideal time to plant some spinach (if he lived in New Zealand). This season’s onset would also be your cue to start seeding cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli.


In the winter months from June to August, you can make the most of the season by planting tomato seeds in the soil. For a colder environment, July would be a good month to start. However, if you reside in a milder climate, you might prefer to wait until mid-to-late August.


On Kiwi shores, September, October and November are the spring months. Good examples of spring vegetables include artichokes — which, according to research, might be among the best food sources of antioxidants.

If you are an expectant mother, you could also be pleased — or perhaps we should say ‘peas-ed’ — to know that, yes, peas offer folic acid which can aid the healthy development of your unborn child.

With our help, you can develop a garden that flourishes right throughout the year. You can get started by asking us a deliver a plant box to the NZ address of your residential property. Yes, we can ship products nationwide; for further insights, please email us via scott@birdiesgardenproducts.co.nz