A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Garden Boxes

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Garden Boxes

If you are keen on starting your own garden, it would bode well for you to first make sure you have a garden box at close hand. 

The term ‘garden box’ refers to a raised garden bed that would enable you to grow plants in an enclosed vessel itself sat on the ground. With a garden box, you can more easily control the quality of the soil, keep pests at bay and grow plants at times that would otherwise be considered ‘unseasonal’. 

It’s possible to make your own garden box, too — by following these steps…

Source All of the Required Supplies

A garden box can be assembled from wood, with pine potentially sufficing for a single growing season but cedar being — unlike pine — resistant to rot. As a result, cedar can stay intact for appreciably longer. You should also find yourself some nutrient-rich soil with which you would eventually fill the garden box. 

Long before then, however, you should get hold of a drill, gloves, safety goggles, a measuring tape and a box of 2-inch deck screws — with all of these supplies set to come into play during the assembly process.

Decide on the Box’s Size and Dimensions

What exactly do you want to plant? How much sunshine would you like the box’s contents to get? Your answers to these questions can guide you in determining how large the box should be — and so, in turn, what dimensions to choose for the wooden pieces from which the box will be made. 

Screw in the Wooden Boards 

In preparation for driving a screw into a board, create a suitable hole in it by using the drill with a drill bit a little smaller than the screw’s width. 

Omitting this stage would risk you splitting the board as the screw is driven into it. Still, the hole you do create beforehand can’t be so large that the screw is left without anything to latch onto. 

After you have finished attaching the boards together, you will be able to pour soil and compost into the garden box before planting seeds. 

The above is only a simplified description of how to build a garden box. You could save yourself a lot of time by simply using our website to purchase a pre-made garden box of professional and durable quality, as we are able to efficiently deliver to postal addresses all over New Zealand.