Eco-Friendly Gardening: 5 Sustainable Practices for Planters

Eco-Friendly Gardening: 5 Sustainable Practices for Planters

The worsening climate crisis has underlined how crucial it is that we all do our bit for the environment. You might even have seen many examples of manmade ecological damage firsthand if you spend a lot of your time gardening, such as with a corten planter or two.

Here are several ways to make gardening even more sustainable.

Avoid Chemical Pesticides

Applying chemical pesticides to kill weeds can also harm pollinators — such as bees and butterflies — and jeopardise the health of the ecosystem. 

When you want to prevent slugs and snails from eating your plants, you should stick to using natural deterrents like neem oil or garlic spray. 

Collect Rainwater

Preparing to water your plants? You should leave Mother Nature to do the job since water you get from a hose or tap won’t be as healthy for your plants as rainwater.

A water butt can be a great investment, as it would let you collect rainwater to later deposit on plants during sunnier, drier spells of weather. 

Repurpose Materials 

You might already recycle plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and newspapers. However, you could also use plastic bottles as seed trays or bird feeders, while cardboard and paper can serve as weed barriers. 

Make Your Own Fertiliser

If you love eating bananas, you could place a few of their peels into a jar before filling it with water. A few weeks later, the water will be ready for you to pour onto your plants. Meanwhile, the peels can join the likes of grass clippings and woody stems in a homemade compost pile. 

Grow Your Own Food

By going down this route, many people can reduce their use of plastic packaging as well as avoid shopping trips made in fossil-fuelled cars.

To help prevent garden pests from nibbling on this food before you get your own hands on it, you might want to grow the plants in a raised container. 

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