How Tall Should A Raised Garden Planter Be?

How Tall Should A Raised Garden Planter Be?

Whether you have a prized inner city patio or a fabulous garden in NZ tall planters deliver many beautiful solutions. 

From average to tall, square to round, you can use a variety of planters to create a layered display or edible garden that is easy to look after. 

Let’s look at which height of raised planter bed would suit your needs.

What soil type and soil level should I choose?

If your garden soil is densely packed clay, choked with tree roots or non-existent, then your plants can’t extend beyond the depth of the planter. Your planter soil, therefore, will need to be deep enough to serve the full depth of the roots of your chosen plants. 

The soil that you fill your planter with should always have draining capacity but the degree of drainage varies from plant to plant. Our article on growing cucumbers [insert hyperlink], for example, refers to the use of loose loamy soil as cucumber roots don’t like to fight for a growth path. 

What dimensions should I choose for raised garden bed planters?

Raised beds have a variety of sizes e.g.

Our kit packs give you six to 8 different configurations so that you can choose THE ideal size for your unique space.

Space is not the only aspect that affects your planter size - the plants do as well. Are you going for flowers, vegetables or trees? The humble tomato vine has roots that run deep and therefore prefer a soil depth of at least 60 cm. For trees, a 97 cm raised bed, tall planter would be a great option.

What Are The Benefits Of Raised Bed Planters?

If you haven’t used raised beds before, then you will be delighted when you first experience them. No more doubling over with bending or blood rushing to your head and more energy after gardening. In addition, harvesting is an absolute breeze! 

Harvesting is also easier because you often have a view beneath the leaves and at more angles.

Raised beds are great for wheelchair accessibility and they stop excited, little feet from trampling plants during harvesting.

Are raised bed tall planters only for trees?

If you have chosen a tall planter for its structural height and do not need its full depth for root growth, then you can save money by filling the bottom of the bed with upside-down empty containers topped with some boards. This gives your planter a false bottom which requires less soil overall.

This is perfect if you want a tall planter in Nz placed next to a raised deck so that the top of the planter is higher than the floor of the deck. Your deck square meterage is not consumed by the size of the planter and you still have very attractive raised beds servicing that area. 

A tall planter is also a good option when grouping planters together and layering the different heights!

Check out our raised beds & tall planters for inspiration!