How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

A raised garden bed is a freestanding box or frame filled with soil. Plants can be effectively grown in this kind of vessel, not least as it is typically open at both the top and the bottom to let the plants absorb sunlight as well as feed on soil below ground level.

Assembling a raised bed doesn’t have to be tricky, either — as these instructions attest…

Put Some Timbers in Place 

Once you have measured those timbers that will comprise the bed’s base, you can dig out strips of turf where you would be able to securely insert them. 

Use a spirit level to make sure those timbers are level. If they aren’t, butting individual wood pieces more closely together with a rubber mallet can help to rectify that.

Secure the Timbers to Each Other

You can do that by using an electric drill to bore holes through the end timbers and into the adjacent pieces — creating space for a long, heavy-duty coach screw at the top and another at the bottom.

Those screws can assist you in forming a base resilient enough to hold the next level of timbers. As you attach those, it would be good practice for you to have them overlap the joints below, as the overall structure will be stronger for it.

Alternatively, Make a Steel Raised Bed

Our online store can deliver kitset raised garden beds to NZ addresses. If one of those addresses is yours, what can you expect from the bed itself?

Well, for a start, it will be made of robust, corrosion-resistant steel. However, despite this, the raised garden bed will remain light enough for you to carry easily once it has all been put together. You can also trust assembling that bed to be delightfully straightforward in itself.

The ‘kitset’ part of the equation allows you to custom-build the bed in a shape suitable for the space where you intend to put it on display.

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