How to Start a Herb Garden with Planter Boxes

How to Start a Herb Garden with Planter Boxes

What is a herb garden? To put a long story short, a garden where herbs are grown. We can send kitset planter boxes to NZ gardeners to help them with preparing herb gardens, each of which would enable herbs to be regularly sourced through economical and eco-friendly means. 

Choose What Herbs to Grow 

What choices you make here will ultimately depend on what you would like to do with the herbs. You might already be familiar with how basil and thyme can make evening meals more flavourful. If you love tea, you can brew invigorating cups of that beverage with hot water and lemon verbena. 

Order Some Planter Boxes

The kitset planter boxes we offer are so-called as they can easily be assembled from multiple pieces. You would be able to clip these together without even needing to secure them into place with tools. Using these boxes for growing herbs can prevent them from spreading to places where they shouldn’t.

Decide Exactly Where to Grow the Herbs 

It’s crucial to think carefully at this stage, as different types of herb thrive in different environments. For example, Mediterranean herbs like sage, rosemary and oregano need abundant sunlight. However, chervil, parsley and drill are just examples of many herbs capable of handling shade. 

Prepare the Soil

It would be wise for you to add compost to the soil. Doing so would help you to bring it to the right standard if the soil currently contains too much sand or clay. However, adding compost even to high-quality soil would be able to help enrich the growing herbs with nutrients.

Plant and Water the Herbs

It’s up to you whether you grow herbs from seeds or instead plants that have already matured. The latter option would be practically easier, but seeds can be more cost-effective to source. 

Whichever of those two routes you go down, make sure the herbs you do plant subsequently receive two inches of water on a weekly basis. 

If you are looking to start a herb garden in New Zealand, we would be happy to deliver kitset planter boxes to the NZ address of the home where you intend to start planting. You can use our website to purchase these boxes or call (021) 161 1430 to learn more about their practical and aesthetic merits.