How to Use Raised Garden Planters in Tiny Spaces

How to Use Raised Garden Planters in Tiny Spaces

Did you know that over 85% of New Zealand’s population is urbanised? It’s no wonder that many of us lack space in our gardens. In your urban apartment or home, you could find yourself with little free space.

Luckily, a raised garden planter might pleasantly surprise you by enabling much better use of your space — as these tips demonstrate.

Take Your Budget into Account

It makes sense that a smaller garden would likely be less expensive to cultivate. However, it's easy to overlook the potential cost of the space.

Considering this, you might prefer growing plants from seeds instead of buying fully grown ones from a garden centre, as the former option tends to be more budget-friendly.

Consider What is Already in the Garden 

Your garden might already have a few plants that can be easily removed, giving you the chance to start fresh with a clean slate. When it comes to trees, you may have to leave them in place. The good news is that you can seamlessly incorporate them into a broader garden design.

Think about which plants can thrive in the shade of the tree, and consider if you need to create additional space by removing hedges.

Assemble Planters in Suitable Sizes 

It’s a big plus point of our raised garden planters that customers can assemble them in custom sizes. With a small garden, it's natural to initially consider opting for smaller planters.

It actually can work better for you to place multiple plants in a few large planters. That’s because dividing plants into many small pots instead can make the space look cluttered and, as a result, even smaller than it is.

In contrast, smaller planters can prove more convenient when you want to efficiently use vertical space, such as by displaying plants on a balcony or several rungs of a ladder.

Either way, ordering a raised garden planter from Birdies Garden Products ensures you have flexibility with your choices. We can deliver to any New Zealand address! To ask us anything about our products or delivery policies, please ring (021) 161 1430.