Planting Strawberries Successfully In Birdies Raised Garden Beds

Planting Strawberries Successfully In Birdies Raised Garden Beds

Nothing says summer better than strawberries and ice cream, strawberries on a pav or in a glass of bubbly for adults! Many people think that strawberries are difficult to grow but, delightfully, they are not and they are ideal plants for raised garden beds! Double-win. So let’s get planting.

Strawberry Overview

Strawberries have compact and fast-growing characteristics and do well in dedicated beds. Place your garden bedsin a prime, sunny spot as the berries love warm sunlight. Raised garden beds reduce the risk of slugs or infestations from the soil below.

To extend your enjoyment of this berry joy, get a staggered harvest time by planting different varieties in different beds

Planting Strawberries In Planter Boxes

To give your strawberries the best fruit-bearing chance, fill your planter box with multi-purpose compost and leave a space of 2.5 cm below the rim. Soak your bare-foot runners or water your seedlings well before planting. Then pop them into the compost, 30 cm apart, leaving the crown (growing point for all leaves) peaking just above the compost. Press down well around the plants and water the compost over the root area. 

Tip: A great watering tip is to recess 7cm pots into your compost and water into them regularly. These mini reservoirs slowly release the water advantageously at the root level.

Planter Box Strawberry Care

Compost should be watered whenever it dries out. Keep the water away from the leaves to avoid fungal diseases. Lift the little leaves out the way and pour water to your mini-reservoirs. High-potash liquid food should be added when the first buds appear. 

Remember to position your strawberry garden beds in the sunniest part of your garden or deck if you can. The sun enhances the swelling and ripening of the fruit. 

Straw Covering & Winter Care

If you get very cold winters, cover the top of the compost completely with 10cm of straw. This should ONLY be done after you have had three days in succession of 4 degrees celsius or below or the plants will not become dormant. Even if there is a first layer of snow, don’t rush to cover them. The soil temperature must reach 4 degrees celsius or below for three days.

Remove the straw in Spring if leaves show through the straw, the temperature is consistently above 4 degrees or there is moist weather. Leave about 2 cm of straw along the whole compost top. This protects the fruit and hinders weed growth. A netting cover will protect your little jewels from birds. 

After fruiting, cut back the leaves, leaving the central, baby leaves on the crown. Remove the runners if you don’t want new plants sprouting. This helps the original plants to plump up before winter.


Raised garden beds are a great option for strawberries and it makes the maintenance steps so much easier at an elevated height!

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