Raised Garden Beds vs Pots: Which is Better?

Raised Garden Beds vs Pots: Which is Better?

 If you’re determined to take care of your garden in the best way you can, it can be quite challenging to choose between garden beds and pots. You want your beloved plants to thrive throughout the year, after all! The short answer to ‘which is better between raised garden beds and pots’ is: it depends.

To make the decision between which is better for your garden, explore the different advantages of raised garden beds and pots, below.

The advantages of raised garden beds

  • Customisable

A big difference between pots and planters – or, rather, raised garden beds – is how customisable raised garden beds are. They are diverse in size, shape and material, and are easily implemented outdoors. 

  • Better Drainage

Because soil is elevated in a raised garden bed, water drains out more easily. Gravity helps a lot! Efficient drainage benefits the health and lifespan of your plants.

  • Prevents Pests and Weeds

Pests and weeds will have a hard time growing up and into a raised garden bed. It’s advisable to purchase a raised garden bed liner to prevent animal pests from chewing into your plants, and we further recommend buying a garden bed with taller edges. Weeds will struggle to spread their seeds there.

The advantages of pots 

  • Lightweight 

Pots are more lightweight in comparison to raised garden beds, and can be moved easily around, making them ideal to transport between the indoors and outdoors depending on the weather and sunlight. 

  • Great for Indoor Use 

Pots are much better for indoor use because they’re compact in size, and also come in a range of aesthetic yet durable materials to complement your home. 

  • Prevents the Spread of Disease 

Keeping each of your plants in a separate pot prevents diseases from spreading because they are easily quarantined from others. It’s very difficult for diseases like black spot to travel so far.

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