Reasons to Use Corten Planters

Reasons to Use Corten Planters

Corten Planters provide clean lines as well as an attractive rust finish offering that visual appeal all gardeners crave for their outdoor space. Despite this, looking great is not the only benefit that comes with corten planters. Let’s explore some more reasons to use corten planters. 

  1. Weather resistant 

Corten planters are capable of resisting strong weathering. Their steel material alloy forms a protective layer of stunning rust which guards the underlying steel from exposure to the elements. As a result, the planter is maintenance-free and is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. 

  1. Low-maintenance costs

The weather-resistant function of Corten planters means that they don’t need much maintenance. Your planter won't need to be painted or taken care of. This, therefore, saves you money in the longer term, by opting for a corten planter, maintenance won’t need to be a worry for you. To keep a corten planter is a great condition there will hardly be any maintenance costs in comparison to other materials. 

  1. Last much longer

The protective layer of rust which comes with Corten Steel planters aids in extending their lifespan by protecting the underlying metal from exposure. This makes them a useful choice of planter for busier locations where the planter will come across difficult conditions, such as parks. 

  1. Provide versatility 

Corten Steel planters can be used in a range of different locations, both indoors and out. They tend to be used as stand-alone pieces in outdoor spaces. They also complement well with other landscaping elements. 

  1. Durable

Corten planters are resistant to damage from impact, meaning they can stand up to the rigours of daily use without showing signs of wear and tear. Having a durable planter also means you won’t need to replace it as often, saving you costs in the longer term. 

Looking for a new corten planter? Look no further than Birdies Garden Products. Beds in the Birdies Urban Range are made from Corten steel. Corten steel will naturally rust over a 6-week period, providing a beautiful, unique patina and long-term protection for your raised bed. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have about any of our products by calling us on (021) 161 1430 or emailing us at Happy growing!