Rectangular vs Square Planter Boxes: Which is Right for Your Garden?

Rectangular vs Square Planter Boxes: Which is Right for Your Garden?

Are you looking to start growing plants? Whether it is for aesthetic purposes or you like the idea of producing your own food, there isn’t just the question of which plants you should opt for. You also need to think about what kind of containers you should place them in. 

The word ‘planter’ refers to a type of vessel intended for use in nurturing plants. Planters come in various sizes, and you may wonder whether these have implications for what you can do with the planters. Here are several points to consider if you are thinking about placing a square or rectangular planter box in a NZ home.

Does the Container’s Shape Affect the Plant’s Growth?

The shape of the planter is unlikely to have a major effect on how well the plants grow. So, when it comes down to it, just go with the planter shape that looks the best to you.

However, before you grab that round pot, think about this: opting for a square planter could offer more volume and surface area, even if it's the same height as the round pot.

This greater amount of space would enable you to add more soil and nutrients to the container. This benefit becomes even more significant if you're eager to grow plenty of flowers or herbs.

Of course, rectangle planters — being long in design — also offer a large amount of space for plants and what they need to feed upon. However, square planters can be more convenient if you want to display plants in narrow spaces.

What About the Decorative Aspect of Planters?

On account of their length, rectangle planters lend themselves well to situations where you want to arrange plants in lengthy rows. You could even opt to plant a variety of plants in each planter, whether they differ in species or just in colour.

Rectangle planters can work well on ledges and shelves, though square planters can look more appropriate for gardens designed in a contemporary style.

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