Stunning Small Garden Ideas With Raised Steel Planters

Stunning Small Garden Ideas With Raised Steel Planters

Planters are ideal for creating an impactful landscaping design for smaller, or urban gardens. From your entrance to walkways and next to plunge pools, planters make the design stand out with layered height, depth and interest. Fill them with flowering plants, rich foliage, striking trees or aromatic herbs. 

Here are some ideas to inspire you!

Repetition And Interest

One of the principles of design is to use repetition to create a rhythm. Unbeknown to you, your brain uses repetition to create a visual beat. Isn’t that fascinating? 

Line up small corten steel planters along a pathway, next to your plunge pool or along your façade to make a statement. Make it more impactful by using plants that have strong colours or a strong shape. Consider a tree like the Blueberry Ash with beautiful bronze-coloured new growth and soft pink, bell-shaped flowers followed by blueberry-scented fruit in Spring. 

Round About Now

Use round planters for a softer shape in the landscaping. The gentle shape adds movement to the aesthetics and stands out from square or rectangular flagstone, walls or timber screening. 

Place a couple or more round planters in different positions to break up the space with a winding path. This adds to the layering and sense of adventure. Use scented shrubs or choose small trees for shady seating spots.

Cosy Corner Planting

If your only free space is a corner, don’t fret. You can create a striking display with a mirror on a wall or an interesting light fitting and a group of different-sized planter boxes. Alternatively, if you can only fit in one planter box, then add plants of notably different heights and colours. You could also choose an uber-contemporary look with a rusted, corten steel planter and trees of different sizes that have been clipped into geometric shapes or striking cacti.

Big & Bold

One single, large-scale corten steel planter surrounded by other shorter plants makes a lovely focal point. The rich natural terracotta colour contrasts beautifully with surrounding textured grasses or waxy green leaves. Pop in an evergreen tree to the planter for the highlight of the design.

The Perfect Spot

Planter boxes are a small garden's best friend because you can place them in the best spot and the raised surface area gives better access to sunlight. You can also plant a diverse collection of plants in different planters because you can adjust the soil type and pH per box.

Thirsty Arum lilies can be grown separately from acid-loving Lavender while ferns can cool off in the shade.

Get Planting

Planters supply a diverse array of solutions that will make any small city garden a huge success.

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