The Benefits of Raised Garden Boxes

The Benefits of Raised Garden Boxes

Raised garden beds, or boxes,  are freestanding garden boxes which are constructed above ground level in your garden. With these beds, the soil level in the bed is higher than the surrounding soil. Let’s delve into some benefits of using raised garden boxes in your garden area. 

No tilling is healthier for the soil

Tilling involves breaking up the soil to prepare it for planting. By using a raised bed, you are setting up your soil for a simple and straightforward method of gardening. Instead of tilling up the soil each year to add fertilizer and amendments, gardeners can maintain their raised beds by simply working on top. 

Raised beds look aesthetically pleasing 

Gardening can be practical when it comes to growing useful things, but it can also add attractiveness to our gardens. Especially if your vegetable garden is at the front, then a raised box can help create a tidy and attractive-looking space. On top of this, raised boxes can make pathways easier to maintain because there’s an unmistakable line between the box and the path.

Raised boxes help keep away wildlife & animals

Wildlife has a habit of inhabiting our growing vegetables and plants. Having tall garden boxes can prevent slugs from climbing up inside the bed, whilst they still might attempt to climb it, you can install hardware cloth on the bottom of the box to stop slugs and other crawling insects in their tracks. Another added benefit is that it will be harder for dogs or other animals to urinate on your planets due to the height of the box. 

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