A lot of things are important when choosing plants for your garden. Certainly, how they look is one of them, but there is also how easy they are to grow in your location and how popular the plants are too.  

Plants that need little care but are real show-stoppers are every gardener's joy. Here are the top five plants that give the best show without needing too much effort. 

1) Wild Iris 

Wild Iris is a perennial plant that produces gorgeous flowers throughout summer. This plant can deal with drought and is hardy when it comes to pests. It can be grown in almost all soils and even if you get a sudden frost, it can normally survive.  

Wild Iris looks great in any kind of garden, particularly if they are planted in large groups.  

2) Flaxes 

Flaxes provide beautiful foliage that will grow in any kind of soil. There are several different varieties and they are all as wonderful as each other, so you will be spoilt for choice. Grow them in a garden box along with other plants and they will really shine.  

Flaxes need the ground to be moist but not too soggy, so a little water here and there should do them fine. Depending on the variety you choose, they can be very frost resistant.  

3) Petunias  

Petunias provide a wonderful show of colour along any border or in any garden box. Although you may need to keep an eye out for pests, in general, these beautiful blooms are pretty easy to grow and look staggering.  

3) Day Lilies 

These perennials will grow in dry or wet soil and are happy in the heat or shade. Their flowers are simply stunning and will shine out from any flower bed or garden border.  

4) Bromeliads 

Bromeliads come in many different varieties but all of them can give a little something special to your garden. Some varieties are ideal for the sun and others favour a shady corner. Whether you're opting for a large majestic variety or a smaller type that's more subtle, there is always a bromeliad to suit your needs.  

These hardy plants provide both pretty foliage and wonderful flowers, so there's never a moment when they aren't contributing to your garden.  

5) Michaelmas Daisies 

If you're looking for an insect-friendly bloomer, then Michaelmas Daisies (also known as Autumn Asters) are definitely the star you're looking for. These flowers love a sunny spot in well-draining soil. 

These beautiful flowers come in a variety of colours and are hardy perennials that are easy to grow. Their tall height can make them a bit of a show-stopper, and they look great grown along borders or in garden boxes.  

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