Use Outdoor Planter Boxes To Make The Best Vege Garden Ever

Use Outdoor Planter Boxes To Make The Best Vege Garden Ever

Raised garden beds are such a versatile addition to any garden, big or small. You can use them for just about anything, from flowers and herbs to vegetables and more.

With the ever-rising cost of living, growing one's own veges is becoming more and more appealing. Here are some top reasons why raised garden beds are great for creating the best vege garden to grow your own fresh, toxin-free, nutrient-dense food. 

Not only will you feel great from consuming your own produce, but you will also be helping the planet by reducing your carbon footprint. 

Why gardening at home is a great idea!


Raised garden beds are the ideal way to set up your vege garden. They are versatile and can be used in your garden or even adapted to be used on porches and patios. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit any space. Many manufacturers also offer custom-made options to fit perfectly into your garden space, no matter how big or small.

 Saves Your Back

If you do a lot of gardening, you will know that all that bending over puts a lot of strain on your back. Birdies beds are raised from the ground level, making them much easier to work with and saving you from over-straining your back.

Fewer Weeds, More Food

Planting your vegetable seeds or seedlings in Birdies beds gives you a much better chance of the growth of weeds. Being more accessible, you will easily be able to pick out the weeds as they surface, reducing their use of water and nutrients. Your veges  will have a much better chance of succeeding without the competition!

More Water Wise

The clever design of our Birdies beds means they can store more water, thereby reducing the amount of watering you need, compared to vegetable gardens directly in the ground. Roots are supplied with just the correct amount of water, preventing them from rotting. 

Prevents Loss Of Valuable Nutrients

Using outdoor planter boxes prevents nourishing nutrients from being leached away into the surrounding soil, giving your vegetables a much better chance to thrive.

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