What to Fill a Tall Planter With?

What to Fill a Tall Planter With?

Over centuries, gardeners have been familiar with benefits of arranging their plants in a way that makes them look taller. Today, placing tall planters in an NZ garden can help you to not only grow seeds more effectively but also make the outdoor space look larger. 

However, though it is typical to fill a planter entirely with soil, you might not need to follow suit with a tall planter if you want to ensure the plant’s optimal growth. Besides, using exclusively soil as filler here can be onerously costly. What other filler materials could be used largely in place of soil in a tall planter? 

Do You Need Lightweight or Heavier Fillers?

This will depend on how you want to display the planter. If you will be hanging it up, lightweight fillers will be necessary for use in keeping the overall weight of the planter exactly that: light. 

What if you intend to keep the planter in one specific part of your garden? In that case, heavier fillers can sufficiently anchor the vessel to prevent it from tipping over in windy weather or being easily stolen. 

Good Choices for Lightweight Fillers

If minimising weight is a priority, you could opt to put what gardeners colloquially call ‘space savers’ in the planter. You can create your own space savers by washing out aluminium cans and plastic bottles (but remember to put the lids back on the latter). 

Styrofoam peanuts and styrofoam blocks (also known, respectively, as packing peanuts and foam blocks) also make good filler materials, as do various natural goods (such as leaves, sticks, wood chips and pine cones) that will enrich the soil with nutrients. 

What About Heavier Fillers?

You have many options here, include some from Mother Nature herself — like wood logs, branches and large rocks. You might also spot a few manmade bits and pieces — say, bricks, tiles and broken pieces of pottery — that, too, could serve as effective heavy-duty filler materials.  

Whether you will be looking for lightweight or heavier fillers, keep in mind that we can time-effectively dispatch attractive and resilient tall planters to NZ addresses nationwide. You can use our website to place orders for tall planters and learn much more about them.